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Dr. Alan Campbell works with growers, winemakers, and consumers to understand and manage the Northwest’s unique wine-growing environments.

Alan founded NW Vineyards in 2001 to combine industry experience with GIS technology to provide maps, analysis, and support to vineyards and wineries in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and northern California.

He is the author of “Soil Management and Grapevine Nutrition” in Oregon Viticulture, the 5th edition of the Oregon Winegrape Grower’s Guide, and helped organize the Oregon Vineyard Soil Forum in August 2001.

He is the industry liaison with the USDA Soil Survey and the USGS for mapping and analysis of vineyard soils and geology.

Northwest Viticulture Center
Through the Northwest Viticulture Center in Salem, Alan teaches courses on Vineyard Soils and Grapevine Nutrition (VMW 260), Grapevine Physiology (VMW 261) and Wine Chemistry and Microbiology (CH 272 to 2004).

He also offers industry short courses and consults on vineyard soils, soil and tissue testing, vineyard nutrition and fertilization, management of nitrogen, vigor, and organic matter, and the “terroir” of the Willamette Valley. Contact us for more information on courses or consulting.

Oregon Vineyard Database
Alan helped develop OVID, the Oregon Vineyard Database, an online service the Oregon winegrape growers can use to share experience and information on vineyard management practices.

Alan has a BS in Botany from the University of Michigan, a MS in Horticulture from Michigan State University, and a PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of California at Davis, with postdoctoral work at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. His academic research has focused on soil organic matter, root growth, water stress, and regulation of fruit ripening.

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